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1411, 2018

The App That Helps You Discover The Best Experiences

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We live in a world where we're constantly sharing experiences, and increasingly relying on trusted sources to suggest what to do and where to go. People now, more than ever, are valuing real life experiences [...]

1011, 2018

21 Of The Most Magical Things To Do In Toronto For Christmas

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Here's a list of the best things to do in Toronto for Christmas to get you into the holiday spirit. 1. The Santa Claus Parade The Santa Claus Parade has been a Toronto tradition for [...]

811, 2018

Kibii Weekly Pick: SPiN Toronto

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We are back with another Kibii Weekly Pick and this week's feature is SPiN Toronto! SPiN is one of the most exciting establishments in the city for a variety of reasons, as its impressive menu [...]

611, 2018

This New Bar In Toronto Is The New Hotspot You Have To Check Out

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Toronto is a top-tier city, so it's only natural that it's filled with some of the best bars and restaurants around. Being a diverse city, we have restaurants, bars and clubs from all different cultural [...]

111, 2018

Kibii Weekly Pick: Porchetta & Co.

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Hey everybody! We are introducing a new blog series: Kibii’s Weekly Picks! Every week we're going to choose a new establishment and share with you why they're great, why you should go there, and everything else [...]

3010, 2018

The Top Instagrammable Exhibits in Toronto You Need to Check Out

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Immersive exhibits are trending in many major cities all over the world. From the Ice Cream Museum in Hollywood to the Color Factory in San Francisco, these exhibits are attracting visitors of all ages and they're [...]

2510, 2018

[Podcast] CEO Michael Simonetta Shares His Entrepreneurial Story

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I AM CEO Podcast episode #91 – Entrepreneurs Develop App That Helps People Fight Social Isolation & Experience The Best of Life Podcast Interview with Michael Simonetta G: Hello, hello, hello, this is Gresh from [...]

2310, 2018

8 Insanely Valuable Lessons Learned From Founding a Startup

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It’s 2:30 AM, late Saturday. It’s the wee hours of the night and I’m laying in bed, head spinning vigorously. Something’s not right. Am I drunk? That can’t be it. I can’t remember the last [...]

2010, 2018

Here’s Why The Bier Markt Is One Of The Best Bars In Toronto

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The 6ix, Queen City, and The Big Smoke are all nicknames for Toronto, one of the largest and most diverse cities in the country. When thinking of a big city like Toronto, a lot of [...]

910, 2018

Quit Scrolling Through Life: 7 Habits For Better Work-Life Balance

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Over 7 billion people in this world, with millions of miles to explore, and over 170 countries to visit. Yet so much of our time is spent a few inches in front of our faces [...]

810, 2018

5 Day Trips You Need To Take (Within A Two-Hour Drive Of Toronto)

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With more time spent in front of TVs, scrolling through social media, and working too many overtime hours, many people find it hard to truly disconnect from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. [...]

710, 2018

20 Of The Spookiest Halloween Events & Things To Do In Toronto

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Fall is in full gear now and for many, that means getting to cross off your favourite activities from your bucket list. While some people love apple orchards and everything pumpkin spice, others are looking [...]

410, 2018

5 Awesome Things To Do For A Girls’ Day Out In Toronto

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On a sunny Sunday afternoon in the city of Toronto, my sister and I decided to have a girls' day out and enjoy the weather (before autumn quickly turns into winter…yes, I said it – [...]

210, 2018

Here’s What You Missed At The Ryerson Startup Open House

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Last Thursday, we had the chance to meet many amazing people; adventure-seekers, goal-crushers, and life-enthusiasts alike. Seven startups gathered in the main lobby of the Ryerson Student Learning Centre, where we opened our doors to [...]

2509, 2018

The 2018 Nuit Blanche Guide: Everything You Need To Know

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One of the best parts about urban living is the mix of personalities, ideologies, and cultures that come together for everyday experiences. A city like Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the [...]

2409, 2018

7 Things To Do This Autumn That Don’t Suck

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Now that fall is here, students are back in class, the roads are ten times crazier with back to school madness, the weather is cooler, and beach season is coming to an end. But don't [...]

2109, 2018

Here’s How This Instagram Influencer is Driving The Experience Economy

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Millennials want wi-fi, their smartphones, and experiences. Take this away and many of us feel devoid of connection. If you take 5 seconds to look at your social feeds, you'll see your friends and followers [...]

1809, 2018

Market & Co. Just Opened North Of Toronto And It’s Amazing

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Market & Co. is a 40,000-square-foot food and beverage hall that opened last week and spoiler alert: it's amazing.  Toronto residents aren't the only ones looking for unique culinary experiences. Suburbanites like to experience new things just [...]

1409, 2018

Ian Lawson Tells Us Why We Need To Disconnect From Our Daily Grind

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I sat down with Ian Lawson, one of Toronto's most adventurous nature lovers. For him, disconnecting with technology and the daily grind so he can reconnect with nature, is not an option- it's a necessity. He [...]

1109, 2018

Celebrity Spotting at TIFF 2018: Where to Run Into Your Favourite Stars

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While the films at the Toronto International Film Festival are the main event, many Torontonians and travelers from near and far gather to see their favourite stars in real life. Every year from the 6th [...]

709, 2018

TIFF 2018 Guide: Tickets, Things To Do, & Where To Spot Celebrities

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Art and culture is the soul of a city. People expressing themselves through different mediums whether it's film, music, dancing, or painting is one of the most human things anyone can do; the ultimate expression [...]

609, 2018

Cook Maddy Goldberg On Toronto’s Growing Culinary Landscape

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Canadians love their Tim Horton's, burgers, and poutines, and although many argue authentic Canadian cuisine doesn't truly exist, one thing is true- Toronto has a thriving, diverse food scene. In fact, the absence of a [...]

309, 2018

Cool Things To Do In Toronto That Will Not Disappoint: Part 2

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  Finding a fun place can be difficult, which is why we are back with another curated a list of cool things to do in Toronto! Active Osha Osha - Stand Up Paddleboarding Yoga The [...]

2408, 2018

Your Guide To Assembly Chef’s Hall: A Food Lover’s Paradise

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Assembly Chef’s Hall is a unique food space that opened in Toronto this year, bringing top-quality eats to the city, without restaurants having to pay the steep rent of a downtown restaurant. With so much [...]

2108, 2018

8 Cool Things To Do In Toronto That Will Not Disappoint

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Every major city has a myriad of options in terms of entertainment, but far too often people find themselves getting dragged into the same old usual spots. Even though a popular place can still be [...]

1708, 2018

The CNE 2018 Guide: 16 Of The Best Things To Do

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Every year the CNE brings new offerings to Torontonians and tourists from near and far. While there are annual staples, from rides to food, there are also new additions every year and different events going [...]

1408, 2018

The Best Live Music Venues In Toronto For Concert Goers

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A large part of what makes cities great is the art that they produce. Whether it's visual, theatrical or musical, art is the cornerstone of a city's identity. Art expresses the ideas and spirits of [...]

808, 2018

The Best Water Activities To Do In Toronto This Weekend

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We all hate to hear it, but summer is wrapping up quickly. At the beginning of the season, we have long lists of things to do, see, and experience throughout the summer months, and then [...]

3107, 2018

12 Kickass Ways To Have A More Exciting Life

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When we were young, everything was exciting. Every day was a new adventure with endless possibilities to explore and discover new things. We found excitement in the mundane and hated boredom. So what happened? Why [...]

2807, 2018

The 5 Best Bars in Toronto You Need to Try Right Now

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When it comes to beer in Toronto, let’s just say that locals take their brews very seriously. With thousands of craft beer spots popping up all over the city, it takes a long time searching [...]

2407, 2018

Here Are 7 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your 20’s

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How many times have you found yourself saying, "I wish I knew then what I know now"?  How many times have you heard people say "youth is wasted on the young"? As human beings, we [...]

1907, 2018

Can Our Dependence On Technology Be Good For Us?

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In 2018, communication has become the easiest it has ever been which has fueled our dependence on technology. For the first time ever, the mediums in which we communicate on are constantly connected to us. [...]

1707, 2018

3 Reasons Why Millennials Are Valuing Experiences Over Things

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Millennials are known for different things- social media experts, driven to make a change, tech-savvy, or constantly chasing experiences. While some millennials are headed back to school, others are traveling the world, volunteering, getting a [...]

1207, 2018

Here’s How You Can Get FREE Root Beer This Saturday

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Who doesn’t love freebies? We definitely do and don't want you to miss out on this awesome opportunity. A&W, the fast-food restaurant we all know best for their burgers and root beers, understands that people have [...]

1007, 2018

Combat Dating Anxiety With These 3 Must-Follow Tips

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They say “day by day nothing really changes, but when you look back everything is completely different”. This concept in 2018 is more relevant than ever. We are living in a moment of rapid [...]

507, 2018

7 Surprising Habits Successful People Always Follow

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  While everyone's path to success is different, there are basic habits that wildly successful people follow and live by.  In fact, without them, they wouldn't be where they are today.   Here are 7 [...]

307, 2018

Here’s Why You Need to Start Saying No to Netflix

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A lot of people say binge-watching is terrible for you but is it really that bad?  The idea that you could watch your favorite television shows by marathoning it rather than having to wait a [...]