Here’s Why The Bier Markt Is One Of The Best Bars In Toronto

The 6ix, Queen City, and The Big Smoke are all nicknames for Toronto, one of the largest and most diverse cities in the country. When thinking of a big city like Toronto, a lot of things come to mind, noise, traffic, big business, crowds, and of course nightlife. In any major metropolis, the diverse amount of bars, clubs, and restaurants are what creates that feeling of adventure and excitement, having the option to start your night out at a whiskey bar, go do karaoke and stay out at an after hours until the sun comes up is what makes Toronto nightlife so incredible.

According to a 2013 study, there are approximately 957 bars in Toronto.

With this many options, it can be easy to end up in some basic club crammed with meatheads or some boring place with terrible music. Knowing the best spots with the best crowds is key to making the most out of Toronto nightlife.

In the bar and nightlife industry, being around for 5 years is considered an eternity. This makes me wonder why are some places around longer than others? How do some places come and go within a year’s time and others keep people going back over and over again?

For starters, just like creating art or a new product, you have to ask yourself what is different about this that can’t be experienced somewhere else? Another key feature as to why some bars stand the test of time over others is that they provide a comforting environment and have a homey vibe to them. As we know, adventure and new experiences are key to making the most out of Toronto nightlife, it is nice to know that there are always those establishments that can be relied on for a good time, no matter what the occasion. So what Toronto bar encompasses all of these qualities? The Bier Markt on King West.

The Bier Market has 5 locations across the GTA: King West, Square One, The Esplanade, Don Mills, and Queensway (with 3 additional locations in Montreal, Ottawa and St.John’s). The Bier Markt is everything a beer bar should be and more. Although all locations have incredible shared qualities, the King West location has something special about it, coming together to meet all of the qualifications of what makes an establishment great.

Here are the 7 defining factors that make The Bier Markt one of the best bars in Toronto.


Live band at Bier Markt

The main reason why the Bier Markt one of the best bars in Toronto is because of their music. Like most bars, they often do have bands playing on Saturday nights. The bands usually have similar features, playing the classic bar songs and at times throwing in some deep tracks. But what makes the bands special is how the audience resonates with them, giving the energy right back and creating a fun, energetic environment; it’s a two-way relationship.

Another element that makes the music at the Bier Markt great is that they have DJ’s that will play in between the band’s, after the bands or at other times the whole night by themselves without any band being there at all. What makes their DJ’s great is that they play absolute bangers. They don’t let the energy die when the band leaves the stage, they keep the people moving at a steady pace and the dance floor keeps on going. The type of music usually heard from bands at the Bier Markt is the usual covers, classic rock, modern pop, and classic hits. The DJ set usually consists of hip-hop classics new and old, pop songs and everything else in between.


There’s a saying that goes, “It doesn’t matter where you are, but who you’re there with”, and this is especially true in making the Bier Markt one of the best Toronto bars.

An ideal establishment has a nice mix of everybody which is exactly what you’ll find at the Bier Markt, the crowd is one of the best parts. Most people who frequent the Bier Market are there to enjoy a vast variety of beers, spirits, and other good tunes. Like any establishment serving alcohol, there is always the occasional scenario of someone having to be removed, but this is a rare occurrence at the Bier Markt (King West). The crowd there has a great energy about them and by 11:00 pm the dance floor is in full swing. Because of the location of the Bier Markt King West, the crowd is diverse, getting the late 20’s business crowd, the early 20’s King West club goers, older people looking to try something new and everything else in between.

Staff & Service

Nothing is worse than going to a great bar, with a great band and realizing it’s going to be 49 minutes before the bartender makes their way to your end of the bar. There is a bit of a line, however, it’s not bad by any means at the Bier Markt. A few minutes is the average wait time for a drink at the bar, sometimes a little more, and sometimes less.

All of the staff who work there are super friendly and make for a great experience of Toronto nightlife.


Clean, even on busy nights.


King and Portland Street Corner

If you have ever gone to a bar/club only to realize the place is terrible but you’re stuck there because you’re not near anything else, then you will understand the importance of bar location. Although the Bier Markt is quite consistently a great time, there may be times where you want to do a crawl and hit 3 to 4 different places in one night. The Bier Markt is located in the heart of the entertainment district of Toronto making this an option for anyone who wants to venture out into the Toronto nightlife and see where the night takes them.


Bier Markt Beer amount

The food at the Bier Markt is pretty standard in terms of selection with a lot of bar foods that pair well with a few “biers”. One of the best items on the menu is the bacon poutine which contains smoked bacon, green onion, and crème Fraiche.


If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and still have a great time then the Bier Markt is the spot for you. Most items are moderately priced and won’t leave you with a hefty bill at the end of the night.

Staff Picks

We were able to talk to the staff supervisor Spencer and got an inside look at what they like about the establishment, their favourite beers, and their top menu picks.  

The Absolute Best Part About The Bier Markt:

“Everyone is really easy to get along with, there is no drama and everyone has a good time”. A part of what makes it unique is that they focus on a certain Oktoberfest theme throughout the year, it also has a European vibe.

Top Beers:

  • Delirium
  • Zodiac (Toronto based IPA)
  • Mikkeller Pale Ale
  • Grimbergen
  • Deschutes

Recommended Menu Item:

  • Chicken schnitzel

Drink Special:

  • Thursday – $4 bar rail for most spirits

Recommended Non-Beer Beverages:

  • Red and white sangria
  • Chianti red
  • Riesling white


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