Kibii Weekly Pick: Black Lab Brewing

How many times have you been out to the bar with friends, and although you’re enjoying yourself you can’t help but think this how often these venues consist of the same cast of characters. You have the group of beautiful girls, the obnoxious bros, the people that have had a few too many, and the people who have not had nearly enough, but mostly just a bunch of average Joes going out to escape reality for a few hours and enjoy a couple of drinks. Sometimes the music is great, sometimes it’s terrible, sometimes the service is incredible, other times you find yourself waiting at the bars for 30 minutes.  

What if there was a bar that you could go to that incorporated a factor that could surpass any negative aspect you have ever experienced at a bar? Well, there’s is good news, this place does exist and it’s located at 818 Eastern Ave in Toronto. It’s called Black Lab Brewing and they are this week’s Kibii Weekly Pick. What’s more is that they’re a bar that allows you to bring your dogs. Yes that’s right! There’s finally a venue that combines the joys of alcohol consumption with the unconditional love of your canine! We thought we would never see the day where two of the greatest pleasures of life would be combine into one place to enjoy a great night out…but here we are.

This venue has to abide by many strict rules in order to be dog friendly, and offers well-behaved good dogs the chance to get treats from the retail and bar staff.

A brief history behind the Black Lab Brewing is that it was founded in March of 2018  by Billy and Anne Madden, and inspired by their trusty and loyal black labrador mix named Snoopy. The main idea behind this bar is that people can have a place to go to relax and have a drink with friends, neighbours, and companions. So aside from being able to bring your dog to this awesome establishment, they also offer a variety of different beers to choose from.

The different types of beers they have on tap include:

  • Cornerstone Black Lager
  • Kennel Sour – Spiced Raspberry Cranberry Sour
  • Li’l Hobo Hefeweizen
  • Sitting Pretty APA With Rye

The Bottled Beers Include:

  • Cornerstone Black Lager
  • Li’l Hobo Hefeweizen
  • Sitting Pretty APA With Rye

At the moment, Black Lab Brewing does not serve food as they’re still a fairly new establishment and have not added that feature to their bar yet.

In response to not having a kitchen, Black Lab Brewing allows you to bring your own food from home, or to even have food from one of the surrounding neighbourhood restaurants delivered to you at the venue. They really do make up for the lack of kitchen.

Although they do not yet have a kitchen they do, however, have a bunch of different pop-ups and food trucks planned.

FUN FACT: The bar dog, Snoopy was born on August 11, 2009 at Cornerstone Estate Winery. He was gifted to the owners Billy and Anne Madden on their 1 year anniversary. His mom was a black labrador and border collie mix and his dad was a black labrador.

Black Lab Brewing allows for guest’s to make reservations in advance for parties and other events.

The Tap Room and Black Lab Brewing are open Wednesday to Monday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm and The Bottle Shop is open until 10:00 pm.

Black Lab Brewing also has a blog that features information and details about different weekends and events at the bar, and can be found here.


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