Cool Things To Do In Toronto That Will Not Disappoint: Part 2


Finding a fun place can be difficult, which is why we are back with another curated a list of cool things to do in Toronto!


Osha Osha – Stand Up Paddleboarding Yoga

Cool things to do in Toronto-Osha Osha Stand Up Paddleboarding Yoga

The first activity mentioned on this list is Osha Osha Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Osha Osha mixes stand up paddleboarding with the art of yoga. Founded by First Nations sisters Jenifer and Sharon Rudski, SUP connects people with the love of outdoor activity and physical/mental well being, definitely making it one of the coolest things to do in Toronto during the summer. The classes take place on Toronto’s western beaches and mainly consist of group classes. Although the majority of SUP yoga classes are taught in groups, Osha Osha does arrange for people to take private classes to accommodate those with busy schedules.

All instructors are Yoga Alliance Certified teachers making sure you get the most out of your session. Other then group and private yoga sessions Osha Osha also provides special events, workshops, and retreats.

SUP yoga is currently offered on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6:30 pm (Wed) and 9:00 am and 12:00 pm (Sat). Prices are from $49 for a 1.5-hour intro session, $79 for a 2-hour intro session with SUP yoga, and a general $29 session for 1 hour of SUP yoga.

**Tip: For some this can be a bit of a challenge and may take some work to get it right, keep in mind, Jenifer is a great instructor and has a lot of patience and will make sure you enjoy yourself, so hang in there!


Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Boot Camp

Cool things to do in Toronto-Ty Templeton's Comic Book Boot Camp

What might be one of most unique things to do in Toronto is Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Boot Camp. This class is a mix of writing and creative design and allows you to create your own comic book and how to design your own covers, although it should be noted that cover design only runs for 4 weeks and Ty only runs it periodically.

Located at 392 Spadina Avenue this comic book boot camp is definitely for comic lovers but also for anyone who just wants to develop writing and drawing skills, the best part is no classes require any prerequisites!

Through the seven weeks of classes, students will learn how to develop stories and how to develop the rules of “panel to panel flow”.

Upcoming dates are:


DATES:  Tuesdays 7 – 10 pm, September 4 – October 16 2018

Price: $406.80

MATERIALS:  Bring paper or a sketchbook, pencils, and erasers. If you prefer to use a laptop for notes, bring that.


DATES: Wednesdays 7 – 10 pm, September 5 – October 17 2018

Price: $406.80

MATERIALS: Paper, sketchbook, pencils, and erasers. If you prefer to use a laptop for notes, bring that.

**Tip: If you are interested, be sure to book ahead of time as classes can fill up quickly, leaving you on a waitlist, although if the waitlist fills up, a second class will be added to the schedule.

Make Your Own Wine at the Wine Butler

Cool things to do in Toronto-Make Your Own Wine at the Wine Butler

There are many wine lovers out there, but how many of them have ever stop to think about how to make their own? Although not for everyone, the Wine Butlers make your own wine classes definitely appeal to those looking for cool things to do in Toronto that go against the usual day/nights out.

Being featured on the Globe and Mail’s “Best in Toronto”, Wine Butlers winemaking classes are some of the most affordable and fun in the city. They offer numerous options to customize your own wine to your specific preferences offering you:

The type of wine you would like to make – With over 40 options, each batch consists of 28 to 30 bottles, making it worth your while. The costs range from $165 to $225 “the price includes all the material, labels, corks, and seals”. The choices included are Exceptional Red/White, International Red and White, International Rose, and California Red/White.

One of the most appealing aspects of this winemaking class is that it requires no experience at all, anyone with a passion for wine and learning new things can partake without any hassle. Some aspects of what you will learn include yeasting, bottling, and labeling helping you avoid all the extra costs that come with buying wine by the bottle.

The last portion of this class requires bottling the wine 6 weeks after you make it in your first session. If you choose to purchase bottles from Wine Butler the cost is $1.10 a bottle, this process takes approximately 30 minutes.

The staff at Wine Butler are incredibly helpful, making them one of the best aspects of these classes and the main highlight of most of the reviews, some patrons claim “we were very happy with our last bottling appointment at Wine Butler. We missed our scheduled appointment that morning but were rescheduled with no problem for later the same day which was much appreciated. The staff at Wine Butler are very cooperative and helpful. Thank you!”

**Tip: The company can provide a lot of promotions after the process, it might be good to address this ahead of time.


Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Cool things to do in Toronto-Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

If there is one thing that Netflix has proven to be true, it’s that everyone loves a good documentary. Hot Docs Cinema specializes in just that! Located in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood at 506 Bloor Street West, Hot Docs Cinema is a century old. Being a community theatre, this venue is also home to some of the cities local film festival and offers viewers “specialized fiction film programming”.

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Documentaries showed at the Hot Docs Cinema cover all kinds of different titles including, The Accountant of Auschwitz, Won’t You Be My Neighbour, Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, Three Identical Strangers and Whitney.

Hot Docs also allows for viewers to rent out the venue for a variety of purposes including:

  • Film Screenings
  • Film Festivals
  • Awards Events
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Team Building Events
  • Product Launches
  • Fundraising Galas
  • Speakers Series and Lectures
  • Film Premieres
  • Cocktail Receptions
  • Client Recognition Events
  • Multimedia Talks and Presentations
  • Private Parties
  • Weddings

Along with this, the theatre has many different series and events that span many genres, Doc Days of Summer, Exhibition on Screen, Films Changing the World, Game Changers, Music on Film, Our Beautiful City and This Film Should Be Played Loud.

For the Doc Days of Summer series, prices are $13 (Members: $8, $6).

**Tip: Get first-floor seating (as people rush to the balcony in hopes of better seats)- you will definitely get the best view.

Trinity Bellwoods Movie Night

Cool things to do in Toronto- Trinity Bellwoods Movie Night

If you are a movie lover and an outdoors enthusiast then Trinity Bellwoods Movie Night is definitely the place for you. With public screenings of great films, Trinity Bellwoods Movie Night is a great communal experience that brings people together to enjoy cinema in the beauty of the outdoors at Trinity Bellwoods Dog Bowl, located at 790 Queen St West.

One of the added bonuses of this event is for locals who wish to ride their bikes to the event they offer bike valet services saving you the trouble of having to find a place to lock up your bike and worry about if something happens to it, the valets ensure its safety. The valet runs from 7 pm to 11:15 pm.

**Tip: If you are to bring your pet, it has to be on a leash to ensure the safety of others, and you smoke/vape it is required that you do it outside of the seating area, away from others as this is a non-smoking event

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