Here’s How This Instagram Influencer is Driving The Experience Economy

Millennials want wi-fi, their smartphones, and experiences.

Take this away and many of us feel devoid of connection.

If you take 5 seconds to look at your social feeds, you’ll see your friends and followers sharing what they ate, saw, did, and experienced. We’re always looking for new and exciting life experiences, and increasingly prioritizing them over material items. 

And while many argue that posting on social media takes away from enjoying the present moment, there are many benefits to sharing your experiences. At least this is what Kaley Langille, one of Toronto’s thriving social media influencers believes.

Unlike purchasing material items, our satisfaction and appreciation for life experiences do not diminish as time passes. 

Kaley’s Instagram account of well over 20, 000 followers consists of visually captivating images of Toronto, showcasing its beauty, culture, and abundance of activities to do.

Kaley started to realize that more and more people want to find new things to do and love to share with their friends what they should do next. 

But what drove Kaley to share experiences in Toronto and the GTA? We interviewed her and here’s what she had to say.

P: Why did you start TorontoDateIdeas? How did you develop an interest in your niche? Was there a single event that made you want to start your account?

K: My boyfriend and I moved to Toronto and I was looking for fun, unique date ideas. I was Googling it and trying to find things with difficulty, so I created this Instagram account as a one-stop place for fun date ideas in Toronto and the surrounding area.

P: Why is it important to show people what’s out there?

K: TorontoDateIdeas is important because there are a lot of fun date ideas out there that people may not realize exist. Most people spend large amounts of time on social media, so this is giving them fun ideas to get out and explore.

Toronto Date Ideas Instagram Feed

P: People tend to trust a friend or word of mouth over Google or Yelp. Why do you think this is? You’ve seemed to hit the jackpot with engaging content. Why do people trust your account?

K: I think people trust my account because I genuinely only post events and ideas that I would personally go to and enjoy. I don’t always go for maximum engagement, but instead, I post things I would love, so maybe people can see my personality through the content I post!


P: To wrap it up, here’s a fun question: What’s your FAVOURITE way to relax and step away from technology?

K: My favourite way to relax is to have drinks and eat with my boyfriend and friends. I love being outside and playing with animals also!

Building Community

When events, food, travel, and experiences are posted on social media, many people have a fear of missing out (or as everyone knows it as, FOMO). Why? Because of the benefit the experience provides. When FOMO hits, you fear missing out on the newest and greatest- whether that’s tasting the best food, listening to new music, and generally spending your time in a meaningful way. Experiences connect people, and without this connection, people feel like they are missing out on something great.

Millennials want to be a part of social causes and to join in on the community. A sense of belonging and inclusivity is a priority for them. We are a generation of people who value connection and we are always searching for opportunities that will help us become a part of the community.

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Kaley started this account in April 2017 and now has over 20,000 followers. This is indicative of the content people want and the medium in which they want it. It’s clear Kaley has hit the jackpot and has made a huge impact on her followers and created a community around Toronto experiences.

Millennials Want One Thing…

Yes, Millennials want wi-fi and a smartphone, but this is rooted in the desire to be involved.

At the end of the day, we want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and many of us are searching for these experiences that we can enjoy and share with our communities.

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