12 Kickass Ways To Have A More Exciting Life

When we were young, everything was exciting. Every day was a new adventure with endless possibilities to explore and discover new things. We found excitement in the mundane and hated boredom. So what happened? Why does this reverse when we get older? The possibilities are out there, but we choose to sit on the couch, rewatching Friends and The Office episodes instead. In fact, for many people, life has turned into a boring, cyclical routine, as they live the same day on repeat. 

A typical day for the majority of people involves getting up early, going to work, focusing on something all day long they aren’t truly interested in, coming home late, having dinner and watching TV before going to bed. And the next day it very similar to the one before. Which is exactly the problem.

There’s always the excuse that we don’t have time, money, or energy, but the truth is, in order to have a more exciting, fulfilling life we need to start experiencing more and finding opportunities to do so.

Here are 12 kickass ways to have a more exciting life: 

1. Do something you absolutely love

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? We work hard, and often forget to play hard. Picking up a new hobby is a great way to relieve stress, and put energy into something we love so we can feel happier with how we spend our time.

Ways to have a more exciting life - yoga

By breaking out of your comfort zone and achieving new goals, you’ll gain self-confidence and feel a huge sense of pride. An additional benefit to picking up a new hobby is having the opportunity to meet people that have similar interests.

2. Take a class to learn something new

Taking a course in something to learn a new skill, language, cooking technique, etc. is an excellent way to challenge yourself. Unlike taking up a new hobby, learning is all about developing. In our society, most of us are going through life not facing any real challenges. We are way too comfortable with our day-to-day. 

When you sign up for a class, you’re constantly out of depth and challenging your assumptions about what you’re capable of. Start mastering a skill, whether that’s guitar, writing, public speaking, etc. Choose what you’re interested in the most, what would you like to do, what would you like to learn? There’s always something.  If you have always wanted to learn something but have never had time, it’s never too late to start.

Ways to have a more exciting life - cooking class


3. Travel more often

One of the best ways to have a more exciting life is to travel. We all have our friends, activities, hangouts, and jobs. We get extremely comfortable in these daily roles and responsibilities and the idea of breaking out of them can be scary and uncomfortable. Why change things up when you’re comfortable? Simply because you grow in uncomfortable, unfamiliar situations. In our daily routines, you know how to act and respond to people in your surroundings. Being in a new place, with different people, who hold different values changes things up and forces you to be in an unfamiliar environment. 

4. Meet people that inspire you

You’ve heard it a million times: if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

Whether we like to admit it or not, sometimes we feel bored because we feel stagnant. You feel as if nothing is changing around you and the people you surround yourself with are uninspiring. If you don’t have friends that inspire you or make you feel excited about life, it’s time to meet new people. 

The people you spend the most time with influence you in every way. Make sure you’re spending time with people you admire and can learn from. If you want your life to be exciting, hang out with those who lead exciting lives. 

Look for meetups and conferences in your areas of interest and you are sure to find people who share them and can add insight to your life. Classes are another way to meet new people because you’re surrounded by others who want to learn (if it’s voluntary that is). There are plenty of different types of classes to try, like cooking or yoga, and you will have the opportunity to bond with other people who share a common experience. It will change your life.

5. Disconnect to reconnect

We are living through our phones. Our lives are documented on a daily basis- from going to that concert or working at a coffee shop for the afternoon- it didn’t happen if it’s not on Instagram. As addicted to tech as we are, it’s changing the way we process life around us. Smartphones allow us to do many things at once and studies show that media multitaskers, for example, people who are simultaneously listening to music, playing a game, texting, etc. think more slowly and have worse long-term memory because they find it harder to filter out irrelevant information. Focusing on many things on our phones at once actually diminishes our cognitive abilities- but we know this and do it anyway.

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Start actively and consciously disconnecting. You’ll be able to recharge your body and mind, re-connect with your creative side, improve your mood, boost focus and concentration, and much more.

When you are texting, emailing, Facebooking etc., in the presence of others, you are not being where you are; you’re only partially engaged with the real world. Learn to put the smartphone down and start giving people your full attention.

Set a time to check emails, texts, and social notifications. Don’t check it in between tasks or when you’re out to dinner with your friends. Try to replace your smartphone time with healthier activities such as meditating or actually interacting with real people and experiencing new things.

6. Go on a short get-away

A long vacation doesn’t always mean a good one. Sometimes spending just a few days away can be rejuvenating, memorable, and exciting. It’s all about who you’re with and what you decide to do. Contrary to popular belief, vacationing can be just as fun when it’s local. Go away for a weekend get-away and explore a hidden paradise nearby. Explore things to do in that area before you arrive so you can plan ahead.

ways to have a more exciting life - vacation

7. Take the long way

Take some time to walk a different, more interesting route to work, or even drive the scenic way. Sometimes we’re so focused on our day-to-day routine that we forget what’s out there. By doing this, you might discover a new restaurant to eat at or a cafe to check out. Nothing exciting ever happens when you’re stuck in a routine. 

8. Try a cuisine you’ve never had before

Want to make your life interesting? Try out at a new restaurant tonight. Go to a place that you’ve never been to before. Try out new dishes that you haven’t tasted before. If you’ve never tried Korean food before, try it tonight. If you’ve given sushi a try but still don’t like it, give it another shot. You won’t know what you’re missing until you’ve really experienced it. 

9. Change up your source of entertainment

Next time you want to press play on Netflix, realize that there are so many other sources of entertainment. Instead of passively watching your favourite TV show (over and over again) visit the theatre and watch a live show. Attend a concert and even go to the museum to learn something new.

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To keep things interesting, you need to diversify your activities. If you go clubbing every weekend, you’re going to start to have the same type of experiences with the same kind of people. Push yourself to try new activities.

10. Get active

You cannot live an interesting and fun life if you’re tired and out of shape (and tired of being out of shape). So exercise often and make sure you commit to doing so. Set daily reminders to get moving. In fact, successful people understand that working out and exercising helps them in achieving their goals. They know that exercise is important and they just can’t enjoy life if they are weak and always sick. 

11. Challenge yourself in different ways

Get uncomfortable every single day and do something daily that makes you grow. Set yourself a goal and challenge yourself. It can be a financial goal, a fun goal or something that you want to improve on. Start by setting monthly goals. When you achieve these, you’ll be motivated to set more challenging goals. Whatever the challenge, make it interesting and make it fun. Take small steps to push yourself both mentally and physically. 

12. Start today

Stop wondering and start doing. If I start this business will it fail? If I go to this conference, will I feel out of place? Don’t think about the details in anticipation of the event. Decide on doing and less on what can go wrong.

Make time for things that matter

We tend to push through life despite the struggles we’re facing which can create a cycle of negative energy. This negative energy is what causes us to fall into a rut. Instead of doing what makes us truly happy, we find short-term fixes like scrolling through social media and pressing play on Netflix. In doing so, we are passing time too passively.  

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So, next time you reach for the TV remote, ask yourself a few questions:

  • When was the last time you felt uncomfortable?
  • When was the last time you tried something new?
  • When was the last time you were lost somewhere?
  • When was the last time you challenged yourself physically?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you might want to start making changes. It doesn’t have to be huge, but to kick ass at life and have exciting stories to share, you need to be making small changes on a daily basis. When you make time for the people and things you love, you’re forced outside of your typical routine so you can live each day with meaning. 


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